This is Rand Removals’s most flexible, affordable and efficient service.

Whether you are moving a few large boxes or a sofa between addresses, Rand Removals’s hourly rate services is a reliable and cost efficient way of getting your job done.

The clock starts when the team arrive at the address, with a minimum charge of £50 for the first hour and £25 for every half hour thereafter.

We do all of the moving and lifting and ensure that your items reach the destination safely.

This is a service for customers who are ready packed and want a no-frills straight forward removal service.

How to save on moving expenses…

In fact, there are several important things you can do to make your move easier and cheaper before the arrival of the removal team.

• Inventory the items you are taking with you and go through that list again asking yourself if you need to relocate all of them. If possible, reduce the number of your belongings to reduce the final cost as well.

• Hunt down free moving boxes in decent condition either from friends who have moved house recently or from local businesses /supermarkets, bookstores, etc. that are required to recycle most of the boxes anyway.

• Use free alternative packing materials that you can find in your home – newsprint instead of packing paper for padding, towels, socks and other pieces of clothing instead of bubble wrap, and suitcases instead of cardboard boxes for your heavy items such as books.

• Be ready and packed a few days before moving. Try having all boxes in an accessible location and not in the way of the move team.

• Arrange parking. Your move is going to take a lot longer if the movers must park down the road and around the corner. If your new place doesn’t have a private driveway, talk to the building manager or landlord about your options before moving day. You may be able to get permission for your movers to park in a loading zone, management parking space, or in a “permit required” street area while they carry your boxes in to your new home.

• Ask for Tips. Professional movers know how to quickly and safely move household belongings, so be sure to ask for advice. Our moving team offer loads of time-saving tips, including advice about how to properly cushion and shrink-wrap furniture, lamps, and accessories. When possible, disassemble lamps (i.e. remove the lampshades, unscrew the light bulbs, and pack them in a separate box), bed frames, and other items before your movers show up.


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