5 Good Reasons to use Rand Removals in Warrington


1) It could be cheaper to use Rand Removals than it is to do it yourself. When you take into account the amount of manual work involved, the cost of hiring a van, the increased risk of damage due to inexperience and a lack of protective equipment, it soon becomes apparent that a do-it-yourself removal isn’t as cheap as it first appeared. Even if you have family and friends in Warrington, it can still cost money to enlist their help, whether it’s taking them out for a meal or buying them a gift as a thank you.

2) Using professional, experienced staff will significantly reduce the time it takes to move out of your old address. This is particularly important when the ownership of the house is transferred on the day of the move. If the new owner is unable to move into their new home, there may even be a financial cost.

3) Rand Removals use all the protective coverings and equipment needed to ensure your goods are not damaged during the move. Most of this specialist protection is not available from the average van-hire service and it would not make financial sense to buy it for just one house move. Professional movers also get the best prices on packing materials because they buy in bulk, so it makes sense to purchase boxes from them rather than pay retail prices.

4) From the time you contact Rand Removals for a quote, to the moment you wave goodbye to the removals crew, you will find their staff helpful, reliable and flexible. They have been helping families to move home in Warrington for many years, giving them useful local knowledge. It is also an option to arrange for Rand Removals to collect your new furniture from Ikea on Gemini Business Park, Warrington, or to take your old furniture away and deliver it to a charity of your choice.

5) Rand Removals has built a good reputation in and around Warrington and has many testimonials from happy customers. This has led to a lot of repeat business and recommendations.

Did you know?

Warrington was named the second-best place to live in the UK, by Sarah Beeny in her Channel 4 documentary, UK’s Best Places to Live. The decision was based on various factors, including house prices, employment, wellbeing and general standard of life.

It would be a shame to spend the first days in your new home recovering from the stress of moving, so it makes sense to give Rand Removals a call 0800 690 6226 to arrange your move.